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Expert Advice: EBP Resources: Online Clinical Practice Guidelines

One of the questions I’ve been asked recently is around finding free online resources for evidence-based practice (EBP).  (Of course, I think you are already on the best website for clarifying your questions and really understanding how to be an evidence-based practitioner!) šŸ™‚ I have been obsessed with finding good

Career Advice: What are the Requirements for Prescriptive Authority for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs)?

One of the frequent questions I hear from graduate students or practicing advanced practice registered nurses (APNs or APRNs) is about prescriptive authority. This post will review national and state requirements for APRNs to obtain prescriptive authority and provide online resources for further information. Click Here for Your Free Prescriptive

What Does ā€œPatient Preferencesā€ Mean in Evidence-Based Practice?

To be an evidence-based practitioner one must find the best evidence available, include oneā€™s clinical expertise as an additional source of evidence, and then incorporate patient preferences and values into a recommendation for care.  A few weeks ago I talked about EBP in general terms.  I deconstructed the major components

Career Advice: Which APRN Certification Exam Should I Take?

This question is from my colleague, Susan Toberman, BSN, RN, CCRN, CFRN, EMT from the University of Tennessee Medical Center (UTMC) in Knoxville, TN.  Sue is an acute care/critical care nurse with many years of experience. At the time she submitted this question, she was an emergency department flight nurse and

What Does “Clinical Expertise” Mean in Evidence-Based Practice?

Two weeks ago, I introduced the topic of evidence-based practice (EBP) and defined it as the integration of best evidence, clinical expertise, and patient preferences for clinical decision-making.  Last week, I talked about the concept of ā€œbest evidenceā€ and how nurses apply best evidence in practice.  This post will deep

What Does “Best Evidence” Mean in Evidence-Based Practice?

Last week I introduced the topic of evidence-based practice or EBP.  The evolution of EBP into the healthcare mindset, as opposed to traditional or authority-based practice, has been gradual, but is now part of the healthcare vernacular and, indeed, accepted as the way that modern healthcare clinicians should be practicing

What is Evidence-Based Practice?

Regardless of when you went to nursing school, you’ve heard the term, evidence-based practice or evidence-based nursing, in your clinical or professional practice. Evidence-based practice may even be a part of your job description — but do you really understand what it means to base your nursing practice on evidence?

Career Advice: Do You Still Need an APRN State License if You are Nationally Certified?

This question is from a subscriber who wondered if she needed to apply for an APRN license in her state, if she was already board certified as an APRN? Bottom line:  Even if you have national certification as an APRN, you ALWAYS have to get approval to practice as an APRN

Introduction to Clinical Statistics for EBP – Morbidity (Frequency) Measures

This Podcast provides an introduction to clinical epidemiology, the foundation of clinical statistics that are used in evidence-based practice (EBP).  This podcast introduces morbidity or frequency measures of incidence, prevalence, and incidence density and why these concepts are important for advanced nursing practice. In addition, a brief overview of research designs to

Video: Why Should You Get a Doctorate in Nursing?

Have you ever asked yourself whether getting a doctorate in nursing was right for you? PhD or DNP? I give you advice on which one should you chose in my post: PhD or DNP: Which One to Choose? This video contains key points from a post I did on the benefits

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