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Career Advice: Which of the Terminal Degrees Do You Suggest for a Nurse Educator?

This month’s career advice question came from a comment on my YouTube video about nursing doctorates. The writer, a hospital clinical educator, asked which terminal degrees I suggested for a nurse educator to pursue.  I could really go into the weeds to answer this question – because it’s more complicated

How to Write a Literature Review

At some point in your graduate nursing program, you will most likely have to write a literature review about an assigned topic or a self-selected topic (e.g., your thesis, dissertation, or capstone project topic). Undergraduate students don’t typically have to write a full-blown literature review; however, the tips in this post

What is Concept Mapping and Mind Mapping?

Concept mapping and mind mapping have been used in science education since the 1970s.  Nursing students in undergraduate and graduate classes are frequently asked to create concept maps or mind maps around a central concept or idea.  These assignments may be used for individual or group projects and as a

5 Tips on Writing a Theory Paper

Several readers have asked me about providing a step-by-step on writing a theory paper. As every instructor has different criteria, that is a hard thing to do! But I think I can give some guidelines that I would give my students, that may be helpful for your theory paper assignments.

Career Advice: How Do BSN-PhD or BSN-DNP Programs Work?

This month’s question about BSN-PhD/DNP programs comes from a hospital clinical educator who commented on my YouTube video on the choice between getting a PhD or a DNP in nursing. Nursing education has changed over the years in response to changes in social trends and healthcare mandates and to improve

Five Tips for Success in Graduate School

This post provides five general tips to help you be successful in graduate school. The same general advice will apply to doctoral students, but those in DNP or PhD programs also have to prepare terminal projects, so I won’t get into any advice about mentors, capstone projects, or original research—I’ll

How I Became a Distance Educator (AKA Distance Faculty, Remote Faculty)

My transition to a distance educator began in June 2007 when we moved 5 hours away from my university campus.  As a long-time faculty member, I had no plans to abandon my hard-won tenure.  At that time, I taught graduate core courses in advanced pathophysiology and applied evidence-based practice (EBP);

Video: Why Should You Get a Doctorate in Nursing?

Have you ever asked yourself whether getting a doctorate in nursing was right for you? PhD or DNP? I give you advice on which one should you chose in my post: PhD or DNP: Which One to Choose? This video contains key points from a post I did on the benefits

PhD or DNP: Is the Pain Worth It? The Benefits of Doctoral Education in Nursing

In a previous post, I encouraged nurses to obtain their doctoral degrees, if able. I presented some of the differences between the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Nursing and the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.  To recap, the PhD is an academic research degree and the DNP is

PhD or DNP: Which One to Choose?

    Less than 1% of all nurses in the country have a doctoral degree …                          Will you be one of them?   By 2015, entry into practice for advanced practice nurses (APNs) was supposed to have transitioned

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