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Productivity Hack: Schedule Work and Focus!

A great habit to get into to make your juggling of school, work, and life go more smoothly, is to Schedule Everything! In quality improvement, the saying is, “What gets measured gets done.” In nursing, we say, “if it wasn’t documented, it wasn’t done.” Well, the same idea is behind scheduling work —

Expert Advice: Eliminate Distractions to Stay Focused

Email. Twitter. Blogs. Instagram. Facebook. Podcasts. TV. Video games. Text messages. Telephone calls. Google. YouTube. Smartphone apps. SnapChat. CandyCrush. “Surfing the Web.” What does each of these things have in common? They are distractions keeping you from doing the work you need to get done. Yes, distractions – while you

Habits to Make You Happier

The posts this month have focused on productivity and in forming better work habits so that you can stay focused and get things done.  So I think the best suggestion to help you incorporate these ideas is for you to read a great book on good habits! The book I’m

Giving Thanks for Good Habits

Thanks to my subscribers and those of you who have shared this website with your friends and colleagues!  I’m working very hard to provide you with content that will help you in your personal and professional lives.  I hope you celebrate all the things that make you happy and thankful

How to Outsmart Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law is the notion that “work is elastic” – that the relationship between the work to be done and the amount of time it will take to do it is related to the amount of time one is given to complete the work (Parkinson, 1955).   In other words,

The Quest for Work-Life Balance

Everyone’s searching for the ideal: Work-Life Balance. Like you, I have a million things going on — too many it seems at times. But with too many balls in the air – overwhelm can get the best of me. My energy gets sapped and I have to work extra hard to

7 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Work and Stop Procrastinating!

  Do you ever have trouble staying focused on your work? Maybe you have a school paper or committee report due, or need time to research a topic, or even, need time to clean the house! Raise your hand if you ever pulled an “all-nighter” to get your work done in