Giving Thanks for Good Habits

give thanks for all things, every dayThanks to my subscribers and those of you who have shared this website with your friends and colleagues!  I’m working very hard to provide you with content that will help you in your personal and professional lives.  I hope you celebrate all the things that make you happy and thankful – not just on Thanksgiving, but every day.   

This month has been all about how to hone your skills and habits around time management and productivity.  I wish I had used some of these tips when I was working and going to school!  But I’m using all of these consistently now – so I’m thankful for those good habits I’m forming. 

Just the simple act of planning which items I will be working on each day, a month at a time has helped me immensely.  I’m happy to say that I’ve been pretty good about sticking to my plan. For example, I’ve planned time each week to write these blog posts – and lo and behold – I’m posting content every week.  Funny how that works!

Habits form the basis for many, if not all, of the time management and productivity tips I’ve shared.  This week I want to share one of my FAVORITE podcasts about habits and happiness with you, Happier with Gretchen Rubin.happier podcast banner

The hosts are Gretchen Rubin and her sister, Elizabeth Craft.  The podcast is based on Gretchen’s “experiments in the pursuit of happiness and good habits” (the basis of her books on Happiness).  She developed the Four Tendencies framework to describe how people respond to inner and outer expectations.  Knowing your tendency will help you understand yourself better and this will help you understand how to form and maintain new habits, e.g., focused work habits. 

The back-and-forth between Gretchen and Elizabeth is easy to listen to and fun.  Each episode is about 20-30 minutes and has a “Try this at Home” segment about forming new habits, “Know Yourself Better,” entertaining repartee about the Four Tendencies, and Happiness Gold Stars and Demerits. 

Seriously, you need to try it out!  It will put a big smile on your face and give you excellent tips on happiness habits.  You’ll be hooked, no doubt.  And really, who can’t stand to be a little Happier?

Go to Gretchen’s website and take her Habits quiz to find out which of the Four Tendencies fit you best.  I’m a Questioner.  What are You?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!
Click Here for Books by Gretchen Rubin