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Welcome to my first post on my new Nursing Education Expert website! Thank you for taking time to check out my Blog and Pages. Hopefully you have already been to my About page and gotten a quick impression of who I am. So let’s talk about why you should be interested in the information you will find here.

I found the Einstein quote on a list of inspirational quotes complied by Kevin Kruse in Forbes magazine ( I thought about how perfect it was to define the purpose of this website.

My goal is to create a site that will provide high-quality value to those of you in nursing (or medical) school and in clinical practice. Content is planned that will enhance your knowledge of topics and issues important to your clinical practice and professional lives.

I will do my best to provide you with the most current evidence and best practices regarding the topics we’ll talk about.  A key objective would be for you to be able to apply this knowledge to discipline-related problems and issues.

Value will come from me in many forms: via podcasts and show notes, resources for practice, and blog posts, to start. In time, content will be offered in other formats too.  A free newsletter for mailing list subscribers will be launched to alert you to postings, podcasts, reviews, clinical and professional information, career advice, and educational resources available and planned (e.g., webinars, tutorials, etc.).  Be on the lookout for that opt-in mailing list!

Value will also come from you – I consider all who participate on this site – podcast listeners, blog readers, commenters, (and me) – to be part of a learning community. All learners are respected and valued. I hope to facilitate your learning – and learn with you!  I’m looking forward to getting to know you through your comments and interactions with me.

I want to give you a reason to come back to this site – to listen to the podcasts, to read informative blog posts, and join in the discussions. If I can do that, then providing value in this way will be the definition of success for me.

Blog Post and Podcast Series Plan (updated 4/2017)

I will offer blog posts, podcasts, and videos of information for nursing students and practicing nurses. Each month I will try to focus on a specific theme based on topics such as Nursing Research, Nursing Theory, Advanced Practice, Applied Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), Leadership, and Productivity.   The blogs and series of podcasts will provide both introductory and advanced content. I’ll also do a Q&A post once a month for career and expert advice. Let me know what your questions are!

Lots of stuff is planned, so stayed tuned!

So that’s it for my first blog post. I’m taking the advice of multiple podcasters (I’ll share who later) to Take Action!  I have put off launching this site because my tendency is to wait until everything is perfect – with pages that have posts, podcasts, and other content loaded.  However, I’m (slowly) learning to let go a little. I’ve taped this saying to my computer screen so I can see it every day: Perfection is the enemy of the good enough. 

So here it is and I’m hoping this post is more than good enough for now. I’ll continue to add to the site, but for now, this blog is started!

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So what do you think? What type of resources would provide value for to you? Let me know by posting a comment in the box below. I’m looking forward to your comments and requests.

Strive for Excellence!