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Career Advice: Which of the Terminal Degrees Do You Suggest for a Nurse Educator?

This month’s career advice question came from a comment on my YouTube video about nursing doctorates. The writer, a hospital clinical educator, asked which terminal degrees I suggested for a nurse educator to pursue.  I could really go into the weeds to answer this question – because it’s more complicated

Video: Why Should You Get a Doctorate in Nursing?

Have you ever asked yourself whether getting a doctorate in nursing was right for you? PhD or DNP? I give you advice on which one should you chose in my post: PhD or DNP: Which One to Choose? This video contains key points from a post I did on the benefits

PhD or DNP: Is the Pain Worth It? The Benefits of Doctoral Education in Nursing

In a previous post, I encouraged nurses to obtain their doctoral degrees, if able. I presented some of the differences between the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Nursing and the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.  To recap, the PhD is an academic research degree and the DNP is

PhD or DNP: Which One to Choose?

    Less than 1% of all nurses in the country have a doctoral degree …                          Will you be one of them?   By 2015, entry into practice for advanced practice nurses (APNs) was supposed to have transitioned